• Devotional

    In the Whirlwind

    God speaks to us from the whirlwind.
  • Devotional


    Jesus often enters a different way.
  • It's Not a Flannel-graph World

    Real and relevant, then and now.
  • Devotional

    COVID-19... A Blessing?

    What if this virus, that many see as a curse, could turn out to be a type of blessing?
  • Devotional

    While We Wait

    It is not the ability to wait, it is what we do while we are waiting.
  • Devotional

    First Place

    Moving up requires stooping down.
  • Podcast

    Finishing The Puzzle - Anthony Poindexter

    You have the potential of being everything God has called you to be, however, you have one thing that’s holding you back.
  • Podcast

    Pyramid Of Faith - Is There A God?

    We're going to have a great time of worship led by our worship band and leaders.
  • Podcast

    So Long

    Even though plans for this weekend's service and celebration of Buddy and Gaye have been changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will still worship together online with music and Buddy and Gaye
  • Podcast

    No Matter What - Pastor Michele Hofmann

    Trusting God no matter what is something he wants us to do throughout our whole life. It's often a lot easier said than done though.
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