Our leadership board elections will be taking place online beginning at 12PM on Friday, April 30th through 5PM on Sunday, May 2nd. This will be the first time that the leadership board voting will take place entirely online. All members of Salem Fields Community Church are allowed to vote. If you are unsure about whether you are a member or not, e-mail us at info@salemfields.com. Since the voting process will be done online, in-order to insure security and and the credibility of the voting process, we will be e-mailing you information that is unique to you specifically with regards to the steps to vote. It's quick, easy, and secure but we need you to make sure we have your most current e-mail address. If you are a member and have not provided us with one, or you need to update the one on file, please update your information by filling out the online connection card here.

E-mails will be going out Friday at noon, so please make sure to check your e-mail. If you don't receive and e-mail and you're a member, let us know by e-mailing us at info@salemfields.com so that we can assist you.

Below you will find profiles of all of the candidates:


Cherie Rackey
Cherie has regularly attended SFCC since 1996 and has seen the incredible growth, what it has contributed to the community, and most importantly its outreach for the unsaved. She believes in spreading the Good News of Jesus and growing people in Christ. She has a passion for reaching children and helping to build strong foundations in God's word. She seeks reelection in order to continue to serve the church community and further the church's mission.

Matt Chow
Matt Chow has been attending SFCC for 8 years. Matt has served in various ministries from the Welcome Center to Children’s ministry. Currently, Matt is the director of the Fredericksburg chapter of FAITH RXD. FAITH RXD is a ministry that brings the love of Jesus into the fitness community. Matt has been married to his wife Melissa for 11 years. They have two children, Eli age 9 and Diana age 7. Matt works as a cyber security consultant and a coach at a local gym. 

Oscar Vera
Oscar Vera has been a member of SFCC for 15 years. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Cyndi, for 30 years. They have 3 grown children--Brittany, Brooke and Brandon and one handsom grandson, Caleb. During his time at SFCC, he has served as the small group leader for the Courageous Men's Small Group and continues to serve on the Welcome Team as a greeter/usher. He has also srved as a volunteer for the Night to Shine event the past 3 years. He is currently completing his first 2 year term as a member of the SFCC Leadership Board and is seeking reelection for another term.

Brad Church
Brad is a husband and father of four that has attended SFCC since 1998.  He's passionate about serving his community and has been serving in the local healthcare field for 24 years.  He enjoys outdoors activities, movies, exercise and learning new things.  Change and new experiences is what fuels him.

Justin Mosser
Justin Mosser has been a faithful follower of Jesus Christ for over 12 years now serving the Salem Fields community church in several capacities: mission trips, hospitality, welcome team, finance team, and is currently on the leadership board.  His desire is to share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus with those around him through his words and actions. Outside of working for GEICO as an analyst, Justin spends his free time with his beautiful wife Danielle and his precious kiddos Brayden and Harper.

Terri Viventi
Terri is a military wife that has lived in various places. She's been a children's leader in churches from North Carolina, California, Okinawa and Virginia.  She is also a graduate of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). She's been involved with the Production Team at Salem Fields Community Church running the camera and video directing since 2001. She has also been on 3 mission trips to Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala.

Lori McCarty
Lori McCarty has been a member of Salem Fields Community Church since August 15, 2010. She and her husband Billy currently co-lead the Welcome Team with Mike and Lynn Pates, and she also serves on the Care Team as well. During the past 11 years, she has greeted and ushered, served with the Bread Basket, was part of the team that served food at Livingston Elementary School, volunteered on many events and special occasions, went on a mission trip to the L.A. Dream Center and went to Smithfield to serve food at a  nearby elementary school. She has also coordinated the Giving Tree when we collected items for the Treasure House. 


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