Revelation - Start at Home: Thyatira

Jul 25, 2021
• Length: 1:13:01
We hear the word tolerant tossed around with great pride these days. The question is tolerant of what? The key to Christian tolerance is balancing tolerance with Truth. In doing so we remember our allegiance to Christ and love for others.

Revelation - Start At Home: Pergamum

Jul 18, 2021
• Length: 1:11:16
Buying the lies of popular culture can trip you up and distract you from the MAIN THING. It’s important to know and live the truth of the Bible. The real truth will set you free. KNOW TRUTH?

Revelation - Start At Home: Smyrna

Jul 11, 2021
• Length: 1:18:27
This week’s message deal what how we respond under intense pressure and persecution. What happens when you are squeezed? How do you respond to the tough stuff in life? Jesus’ revelation/messages to the suffering church in Smyrna is a message for all of us. He is near to those hurting, no need for fear and don’t quit. Sounds like good advice to me.

Revelation - Start at Home: Ephesus

Jul 04, 2021
• Length: 1:08:50
James begins the Revelation series proper with the theme Start At Home. We are encouraged to reach out at home, self-improve at home, so Jesus begins His reclaiming, recycling, renewing, reusing recreating, and renovating at home. What’s Home? —The Church in the middle of tough times, the Church that has lost it fervor; and a church seduced by false teachings. Jesus' message to the church in Ephesus... Rediscover your NUMERO UNO Love. What or who is your 1st Love?

Revelation Part 1

Jun 27, 2021
• Length: 1:16:16
It’s been said that we live in an unfocused culture and that many of us who actually focus, only focus on our needs, wants and desires. So it makes sense that when someone read the book Revelation they read into it their worldview. So Revelation becomes whatever the reader want to to be. Focus in the key to understanding the prophecy of John the revelator. This week James will help you focus on the main thing of Revelation... and its not a number (666) not a beast, not a war, not destruction, but worship of the Lamb who was slain.

Crossfit - The Finale

Jun 20, 2021
• Length: 1:14:31
We wrap up CROSSFIT looking at the top 4 lessons from growing as Belongers. Growth just doesn’t happen by accident it takes Prayer, Power, Persistence to get the Payoff.

Crossfit - Exercise: Submission

Jun 13, 2021
• Length: 1:24:27
We don’t like the “S” word. What’s the “S” word? SUBMISSION. We don’t submit to anyone. Our culture tells us submission is for losers. But in the spiritual realm the “S” word— submission is the key to winning. Submission is the last exercise in our Crossfit spiritual workout. Come discover how you win by loosing.

State Of The Church - Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Jun 06, 2021
• Length: 1:23:22
In this message, we wrap up the State of the Church series with a look at how "Teamwork Makes the Dream Work." God has great things in store for you and SFCC, and it takes a team to make it happen.

State Of The Church - Holy Shift

May 30, 2021
• Length: 1:30:55
Regardless of your stage in life, there's one thing we can all agree on about this past year: Life has been disrupted. That also includes the Church-- SFCC and beyond. In this message, we will track a biblical story that aligns with how many of us are feeling; desiring things to return to "normal" but realizing we must also face the changes head-on. Perhaps for each of us, and for the big-C Church, it's time for a Holy Shift.

State Of The Church - R.A.W.

May 23, 2021
• Length: 1:36:24
Have you ever been knocked down by life and found it hard to bounce back? Being knocked down is something that we all face at some time or another, but for some bouncing can feel like an impossible task. In this message, we talk about building resiliency learning to bounce back. We will learn how R.A.W. (Resiliency Among Warriors) has been created to provide our military community with the services need to be Resilient Warriors.


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